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Charlyn Moss

Founder & CEO

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Charlyn is the founder of Working Within, a resource platform that provides personal partnership and business acumen to Black social enterprise leaders to scale their impact and create sustainability. With previous experience in C-Suite management and strategy consulting, Charlyn partners with clients to drive strategic shifts, build organizational effectiveness and capacity, and reinforce social capital. She also hosts the Working Within podcast to amplify clients’ missions. 

A Bit About Me

I like to talk with and learn about people because I traveled the world very young. By eighteen, I had already been to fifteen countries. And because of that, I learned to be in tune with my environment very early. Less in tune with myself. I believe strongly in what can be discovered from turning natural curiosity inward, from contemplating metaphysical subjects like identity, possibility, and change.


My strengths rely in my creativity, comfort with change, and sensitivity to others. I gain immense satisfaction from building things that are meant to benefit people, especially Black women! My mission is to broadcast and empower the messages, people, and projects we could all learn more from. And of course, sharing my own messages, too. About people, mission-oriented work, and letting go of the status quo.

I love to create and communicate. I've been hosting and directing the creative team for Working Within since January 2021. The podcast provides a channel for me to further explore topics in personal development with guests who deserve to be on the record, yet who tend to be underrepresented in their fields.

I’ve had the chance to speak about my personal mission, social impact/entrepreneurship, leadership, and self-empowerment at my business school, conferences, and on panels. I’m grateful to Olin Business School for naming me one of two Best & Brightest Business Undergrads for the class of 2020.

On the podcast, you can hear me talk about: Black leadership stories.

You can view my past speaking engagements here.

How My Experience Has Evolved

since the beginning

January 2021 - now

January 2022 - now

Strategy and Project Management

A business background has gifted me a business mind. Thanks, Dad.

Until January 2021, my experience was exclusively in business. I currently serve as Chief of Staff at EdSolutions, an education consulting firm. My role includes acting as strategic partner and trusted advisor to the CEO. Prior to my role as Chief of Staff, I worked with Redstone Strategy Group consulting for funders in both the Education and Economic Equity practices. My most notable project involved working on and managing the strategy refresh for a client’s $300 million portfolio of national K-12 education investments. As a strategy consultant, I was responsible for researching, drafting, and pitching strategies. Prior to my formal consulting experience, I’ve worked in corporate banking environments and as a consultant to smaller community organizations.

+ Communications

Writing and speaking are the hobbies I’ve had for the longest.

I started recording audio content for Working Within in January of 2021. Since the podcast’s beginning, I have also been invited to speak at my university about entrepreneurship, service, and my experiences navigating business environments as a young Black woman leader. As a consultant, I’ve earned additional experience facilitating workshops, advisory councils, and speaker panels. As for expressing my deeper parts? I write poems and prose.

+ Creative Direction

As part of this podcast, I've had the chance to curate writing, photography, makeup, fashion, web design, set/interior design, and graphic design. Thanks, Mom.

The development of Working Within’s brand has been the ultimate creative journey. Being able to work with so many creative people has inspired me to make this something I do more often.

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