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 Hi, I'm Charlyn

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And welcome to Working Within, my services hub. I should admit I don't know what to put here, though. I want to share authentically. Here are some noteworthies:

  • I like to talk with and learn about people because I traveled the world very young. By 18, I had already been to 15+ countries.

  • I write often because I'm very emotional at heart, and have a hard time showing it. I'm getting better.

  • I like to hold emotional space for people because we all deserve that, but I also like to push people past their fears and limiting beliefs. That is where the magic happens.

  • I love to create. I did not let myself for a long time.

The themes I think we can have a great conversation about: Goal-setting and manifestation, Energy and the law of attratction, Body consciousness, Strengths coaching, Mindfulness and self-awareness, Life transitions, Spirituality, Creativity and inspiration.

My Story

As a kid, I liked to argue with my parents, sneak outside, and read books. I wanted to be a dancer, writer, play piano, sing. I forgot those dreams as I got older. I learned to shapeshift very early to survive. I didn't realize this until much later.

In college, I worked for 4 years toward someone else's dream. It's always the moments that bring you to your knees where you finally learn. When anxiety sinks in, and your body starts to revolt like mine did.

I'm not sure these services will work for you like they did for me. We are all different anyway; but I think if we have just a bit of time together, you might learn to pay more attention to yourself, or see how to respect yourself a bit more as I have learned, and am still learning.  That's really all I want to endorse or promote. Yes, I went to business school, and I have won some recognition in that field, but if you've been brought here, I don't think that's what you're here to learn more about.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting people to talk to. Let's connect.