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 Hi, I'm Charlyn

And welcome to Working Within, a services hub I founded based on my life's challenges. Here is a quick download on me:

  • I like to talk with and learn about people because I traveled the world very young. By 18, I had already been to 15+ countries.

  • And because of that, I learned to be in tune with my environment from very young. Less in tune with myself.

  • I believe strongly in the value of emotional awareness, intelligence, and regulation. I'm passionate about wellness because developing a better relationship with myself saved me, and all of us deserve that.

The themes I think we can have a great conversation about: Mindfulness and self-awareness, Creativity and inspirationGoal-setting and manifestation, Energy and the law of attraction, Body consciousness, Strengths coaching, Life transitions, Spirituality, Astrology


I'm always looking for new and exciting people to talk to. Let's connect.