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Working Within Receives 2023 Community Support Mini-Grants Program from Denver Economic Development & Opportunity


Denver, September 28, 2023 - Working Within, a leading consulting firm specializing in developing Black-led social enterprises, is thrilled to announce its successful grant award from the Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) division of the Neighborhood Equity & Stabilization (NEST) project, in partnership with The Denver Foundation. This grant, which carries a maximum funding amount of $10,000, will bolster Working Within's commitment to strengthening communities through innovative initiatives.


DEDO, in collaboration with The Denver Foundation, introduced the 2023 Community Support Mini-Grants Program to support residents, non-profit organizations, and micro-businesses to take the lead in implementing positive changes within their communities.


These grants were awarded to support work in select Denver neighborhoods, including Athmar Park, Barnum, Barnum West, Clayton, College View, East Colfax, Elyria Swansea, Globeville, Kennedy, Lincoln Park, Mar Lee, Montbello, Ruby Hill, Sun Valley, Valverde, Villa Park, Westwood, and Windsor. 


Working Within is honored to be among the grant recipients, and this funding will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission to empower Black-led social enterprises in Denver. The grant will be used to support our project to reinforce our consulting staff and build out our technology product for our clients. 


This grant closely aligns with Working Within's core values and mission to invest in the success of Black social enterprise leaders and contribute to community development. We are excited to have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in these communities.


For more information about Working Within, please visit our website at


Media Contact

Mara Daniele


About Working Within: Working Within is a prominent consulting firm that specializes in empowering social enterprises. We provide tailored consulting services to tackle the unique challenges faced by Black social enterprise leaders, enabling them to scale their organizations while remaining true to their mission and values. Our commitment to accountability, transparency, and social impact drives our efforts to support and elevate these leaders.


About Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO): DEDO, a division of Neighborhood Equity & Stabilization (NEST), partners with The Denver Foundation to offer grants to residents, non-profit organizations, and micro-businesses in designated Denver neighborhoods. These grants empower communities to address local needs and foster connectivity.


About The Denver Foundation: The Denver Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting initiatives and projects aimed at improving the quality of life for Denver residents. In collaboration with partners like DEDO, The Denver Foundation champions positive change and community development.


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