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Housewarming & Celebration Event

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Thank you for joining us! 

Welcome to our Housewarming Celebration Page! We're thrilled to have you join us in commemorating this special moment. Here, you'll find a curated list of our trusted vendors who have helped us create a memorable experience. Take a moment to explore our introductory message and watch a captivating video that encapsulates our journey. As we celebrate, we want to acknowledge the incredible partnerships that have shaped us. Discover more about our valued collaborators and connect with our team through the provided contacts. Thank you for sharing in our joyous occasion!


Photo Release Form 

By participating in Working Within's events, programs, or activities, you grant permission for photographs and videos to be taken during these events. These images may be used for promotional purposes, including on our website, social media channels, marketing materials, and other publications.

We respect your privacy, and we will not sell or distribute these images to third parties. If you wish to withdraw your consent for the use of your image, please contact us at, and we will promptly remove any relevant images from our materials.

By participating in our events, you acknowledge and agree to this photo release. Your involvement in Working Within activities constitutes your consent to the use of these images for promotional purposes as described above.

Thank you for your understanding and support of Working Within's mission to empower Black social enterprise leaders.

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Meet The Team

We get it - you've met a lot of people at this event and names aren't always the easiest to remember - here's the Working Within team that was in attendance! 

The Before

We put a lot of work into this home in the short amount of time we've lived here. Thanks to our Interior Designer, Chris Bogan, we were able to transform it into our dream home. 

The State of Black Colorado Survey

Take a moment to make your voice heard! 🗣️ We invite you to participate in the State of Black Colorado survey on behalf of Dr. Ryan Ross at the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado. Your input is crucial in shaping a better future for our communities of color here in Colorado. Let's create positive change together.

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Vendors and Contacts

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The Move - Why Denver?

Charlyn's decision to relocate to Denver was deeply rooted in her commitment to Working Within's mission and her determination to make a tangible impact within the Black social enterprise community. Denver, as the capital city of Colorado, presented a unique opportunity for her to be at the heart of it all – at the center of a vibrant ecosystem that blends innovation, entrepreneurship, and social change.


Moving to Denver was a strategic choice to connect with clients, network with community leaders, and immerse herself in the local landscape. By being physically present in Denver, Charlyn could foster more meaningful relationships, attend crucial events, and engage directly with the diverse array of organizations and individuals committed to social empowerment. It was a decision fueled by a desire to deepen the roots of Working Within within the Colorado community.

Being at the epicenter of this dynamic city symbolized her dedication to the cause. It signified that Working Within wasn't just a consultancy; it was a passionate commitment to fostering change and championing the aspirations of Black social enterprise leaders. Denver became more than a location; it became a place where dreams were realized, and lasting impact was cultivated. Charlyn's move to Denver was, and continues to be, a testament to her unwavering resolve and belief in the transformative power of community-driven change.

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