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Kris Lee


  • Video editing

  • Audio

  • Data and Analytics

His Story

Kris has been a part of the Working Within team since June 2021, and was initially recruited after he reached out to the team and expressed his interest in improving the sound quality of the podcast material that was being released at the time. Since joining, Kris has successfully collaborated on over 25 episodes, and now provides video editing services to accommodate the additional platforms that the Working Within podcast is now being distributed across.

Prior to joining Working Within, Kris was the guitarist of a band and played across the UK and Europe, supporting notable bands and artists in venues of up to 4,000 in capacity. Audio and music is his passion, and it provides him with an avenue to explore and express his creativity in his free time.

Kris currently resides in the county of Cambridgeshire within the UK, and works at an international media company as his full time job. He is responsible for the data and analytics solutions on offer within the commercial function of the company, and is an expert in Excel, Power BI, SQL and other applications.

When Kris isn’t working on audio, or building a cool analytics dashboard, he enjoys traveling, reading, and photography in his spare time.

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