Other services

You might just want to talk. And we can. I won't charge you for much, at least. In the past, others have asked me how they can build their own spiritual practices. Which I love. I don't want you to form dependency.


Or they want to learn more about one topic. I can offer you what I know, and then point you in the right direction. Maybe you've heard about the law of attraction, or manifestation? 

Or you might be looking for me to speak. I can also do that. It will just cost a bit more. And you'll have to let me know for what purpose. But I'd be happy to share any of my thoughts before an audience. I'm happy to. I do love to tell stories.

Free consultation

15 min

If you want some clarity, or don't know where to start.

Spiritual consult

30 min

Let's have a conversation about a topic of your interest. Maybe you want to hear more first before taking the leap.

Speaking engagements

Please contact me via email to discuss a speaking opportunity.


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