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Simone Jennings Headshot.jpg

Simone Jennings

Senior Associate Consultant

  • Community Empowerment

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Inclusivity Advocate

Her Story

Simone Jennings is a dedicated community advocate, with more than 7 years of experience working with community-based organizations in Oakland, New York City, and Minneapolis, with every organization focusing on uplifting BIPOC communities through educational programming and greater access to resources.


She attended Wesleyan University and graduated with a BA in Psychology and Latin American Studies, with a concentration in Economics. She began her career teaching high school youth in Oakland and Queens, as teaching was her goal since she was a child. She moved on to training adult educators and assisting organizations with improving their operations and working towards sustainability.


She was born in West Virginia, raised in Minnesota, and spent most of her adulthood in NYC. Colorado is the 8th state that she has lived in. She loves meeting new people from all over the world and learning new skills, especially anything creative (dancing, drawing, painting, cooking, and more). Since moving to Denver in 2021, she’s been exploring the city and hopes to explore more of the beautiful outdoors.

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