Tarot Guidance

There is no science to tarot. Only trust and belief, and intuition. I could make the argument that intuition is its own science. But let me do that for you in a reading.

The wonderful thing about the human experience is how much we all share of it. Tarot can be broken apart into four themes: our thoughts, feelings, actions, and possessions. The pictures depicted in a tarot deck include the experiences we've all felt before. New love, heartbreak. Abandonment, financial abundance. Deception, defensiveness. Sudden change.

I have a few tarot decks, and some oracle cards. We will choose which ones to use based on your curiousity. You might wonder about the standing of a relationship. The cards will be honest. And I will too. You might just want to know what's happening now. The cards will show up for you as best they can. I will too.  I am a horrible reader for myself anyway.


Depending on how many questions you have, you might book 30, 45, or 60 minutes. You should not rely on the tarot to steer, but to reflect back to you what you already (perhaps even subconsciously) know and feel.

Basic tarot reading

30 min


Bring 1-3 questions, or we can just see what the cards want to say.

Standard tarot reading

45 min


Bring 1-5 questions, or we can just see what the cards want to say.

Tarot talk

60 min


Bring some questions and then the cards can do the rest. We'll have an hour for a conversation that the cards will set the tempo to.


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