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Team Members

With great power comes great responsibility. Meet the team that help us turn passion into high value power. 

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Charlyn Moss (she/her)

Founder & CEO

Charlyn is full of big ideas and loves to spend her time creating. At Working Within, she brings her leadership, voice, and empathy.


Gillian Perkins (she/her)

Associate Consultant

Gillian prides herself in her ability to allow her passion for equity to fuel her work. At Working Within, Gillian serves as an Associate Consultant, developing and cultivating relationships with Black social enterprise leaders in her communities.


Alea Curry (she/her)

Operations Manager

Alea is extremely passionate about supporting and uplifting her community. At Working Within, she handles the organization and communications needs to help the business reach new heights.


Avery Jones (she/her)

Associate Consultant

Avery is enthusiastic about supporting work that leads to the uplift of Black creators. At Working Within, she brings together community representatives.


Kennedy Cook (she/her)

Associate Consultant

 Kennedy is a storyteller both personally and professionally and is committed to telling the authentic stories of the underrepresented, unseen and unheard. At Working Within, she brings her communication skills and creativity. 

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Tuneishia Harris (she/her)

Project Manager

Tuneishia is a coach and heart, and cares deeply about building strong relationships with others. At Working Within, she brings her impressive experience, network, and passion.


Mara Daniele (she/her)

Marketing Manager

Mara is a positive team member who loves to think outside the box. At Working Within, she spreads our message far and wide across our social media channels!


Kris Lee (he/him)


Kris is passionate about everything audio! At Working Within, he ensures all sound is at a professional standard, edits video clips, and produces music.

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