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How We Serve

Here at Working Within, we engage with our clients for at least six months on a series of topics: strategic planning, evaluation, revenue generation, marketing, and implementation.

We can focus in on the topics you need most.

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We focus on evaluation, strategic planning, and implementation to help you create a new norm for excellence in execution. We embed into your organization and find solutions that can work for you. And, we'll help you implement them!

Investment: $30,000+ over 6+ months

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Revenue Revitalization

We know that revenue, in both non-profit and for-profit worlds, is the engine that keeps everything running. And, this can be one of the most stressful pieces of executive leadership. Let us assist you in creating and implementing a strategy to sustain or grow your cash flow.

Investment: $50,000+ over 6+ months

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External Relations

Working Within is gifted at building coalitions, messaging, and buy-in around the topics that matter most to you. Let us help you build partnerships that can expand your impact goals. We elevate your marketing endeavors with our results-driven strategies, client-tested approaches, innovative solutions, award-winning tools, and expert support, ensuring your brand achieves unparalleled success in the dynamic market landscape.

Investment: $40,000+ over 6+ months

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Working Within BizCycle

For organizations looking for complete transformation, we work intently through our five BizCycle elements alongside your team. As we all know, each piece of your organization is connected.

Investment: $120,000+ over 12+ months

We create client engagements based on your needs. If you don't fall into these buckets, just let us know.


If you would like to request a workshop series, keynote, or panel representation, you can request speaking services here.

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