working within

a new age empowerment podcast & platform
My Approach

Working Within is a platform for creators, disruptors, and change-makers. Often, this burden falls to those who live on society's edge: Black women, Brown people, and queer people. We celebrate that here.

On this show, we broadcast honest, motivating, and underrepresented stories. Through intimate conversation, we hold up safe mirrors to share our real thoughts on the stuff you can't touch. Topics like self-esteem, mindfulness, and creativity are common here. Our hope is that you feel more inspired, in-the-know, and accepted from listening.

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About Charlyn

Consultant, speaker, writer. Creative director. Motivator, artist, podcast host. Business school survivor. Recovering nitpicker. Obsessive achiever? Wellness enthusiast. Cat mom. ENFP! Scorpio and Gemini. I could always say more.