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Yoga Teacher, Astrologer, and Tarot Reader

"The pubescent girl who needed astrology to keep track of all the people she met, and who needed it to get to know herself, I think, would be happy to see me. Tarot has welcomed me. Yoga has brought me peace. I hope that you too, are excited about how these tools might also help you uncover and empower yourself, how they might trigger the work within."

What I Specialize In

Group and Private Yoga



Manifestation & The Law of Attraction

Spiritual Consultation


The services I offer are very personal to me. These tools: tarot, yoga, and astrology- they help me uncover myself.

“You know how when you go to the doctor if your blood pressure is too high and they ask you to think of something relaxing/your happy place. I used to think about the beach, but now I can think about doing yoga in the morning with you and my fam”

“YALL. @charrrbucks just gave me the coldest birth chart reading ever, do yourself a favor and book her for all things astro”

“You're so good at [this]. I've just heard from different people who've had their readings done and I feel like the way you did it was in such a positive way, which is really valuable because that's the way you speak and orient yourself and that's a huge blessing to others.”

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