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Working Within

investing in the success of Black social enterprise leaders
Our Approach

Working Within is a platform for Black creators, disruptors, and change-makers.

At Working Within, we seek to increase the sustainability of Black leaders’ emerging enterprises through funding, capacity-building, and increased social capital. Working Within provides personal partnership and deep business acumen to Black leaders and Black-serving organizations looking to scale their impact and create sustainability in their operations. On the show, we broadcast honest, motivating, and underrepresented stories to amplify the voices of Black leaders. 


We started as a podcast, but then we kept receiving requests to speak, and then we kept receiving requests to advise. We love what we do, thank you for checking us out! Visit Let's Work to learn more.

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About Charlyn

At Working Within, Charlyn works with leaders by creating and driving strategic shifts, building organizational effectiveness and capacity, partnering with team members, and reinforcing the social capital of her clients. She is able to amplify clients' personal missions and organizations through the Working Within podcast, too. Charlyn is most proud that she gets to serve powerful and passionate Black leaders and honor the sacrifices of her parents.

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