working within

a new age wellness platform


Astrology Consults

Let the planets help you out, you don't have to do it all by yourself.


Tarot Guidance

If you want something to help you confirm what you already know in your heart.


Yoga Instruction & Meditation

We store so much in our bodies, and can do so much more with a clear mind. Let's exercise both.


Other Services

Sometimes it's just good to talk. I'm all ears. Or, if you'd like, I can go first.

My Approach

I'm sensitive, so I learned to pay attention early. Before I started Working Within, I was insecure because I didn't know who I was. Astrology gave me a direction. Tarot has welcomed me along the way. Yoga has brought me peace. I aspire to share those same practices and wins with others.

About me

Consultant, speaker, writer. Motivator, artist, podcast host. Business school survivor. Recovering nitpicker. Obsessive achiever? Wellness enthusiast. Cat mom. ENFJ like Oprah! Scorpio and Gemini. She and they. I could always say more.

We should talk if


You're making up reasons to stay where you're past due


You feel like you lack direction


You want a deeper understanding of yourself and your potential


You feel like you don't have control of your mind


You want to learn how to better listen to your body

“You know how when you go to the doctor if your blood pressure is too high and they ask you to think of something relaxing/your happy place. I used to think about the beach, but now I can think about doing yoga in the morning with you and my fam”