working within

transforming social leaders from passion to high performance
through our incubators, workshops, and podcast
Our Approach

Working Within is a platform for creators, disruptors, and change-makers. Often, this burden falls to those who live on society's edge: Black women, Brown people, and queer people. We celebrate that here.

On this show, we broadcast honest, motivating, and underrepresented stories. Our work specializes in providing thoughtful change strategy and workshops for students/early career folks, mission-based organizations, and professionals. We provide The Working Within Incubator along with individual workshop series to help visionaries focus their talents and launch, too.


We started as a podcast, but then we kept receiving requests to speak, and then we kept receiving requests to advise. We love what we do, thank you for checking us out!

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About Charlyn

Consultant, speaker, writer. Creative director. Motivator, artist, podcast host. Business school survivor. Recovering nitpicker. Obsessive achiever? Wellness enthusiast. Cat mom. ENFP! Scorpio and Gemini. I could always say more.