Meet Charlyn

Yoga Teacher | Astrologer | Tarot Reader

I usually describe my life in fragments. And while the term fragments gives a pretty accurate picture, I think my life has really just taught me, or forced me, to value my changes. Like death, change is inevitable, present always, and still something I was taught to resist. I believe we are all taught to devalue change, maybe because we use stability as a proxy for safety (and because we are scared). If anything, 2020 should have shown us all that ‘stability’ does not absolutely exist.


Growing up my changes almost always threw me off, and as I look back, they also always brought me closer to whom I’m supposed to be. As I’ve gotten more comfortable with this ebb and flow of my energy, or as comfortable as one can be with constant motion, I’ve used my spirit to ground myself. Or I should say: I had to use my spirit to ground myself.


And this is easy for me to say now after I’ve tried using rollercoaster relationships, results from my work, and distractions to establish, predict anything. Those things were never meant. In fact, they just left me more desperate.


Being alone for all this time has become my personal blessing. I started practicing yoga seriously, my spirituality and belief system evolved. I was happier, still making mistakes, but learning how to cultivate my own peace. And that's a big deal for my brain. She loves to chat and apparently, write soliloquies for the internet.


The services I offer are very personal to me. These tools: tarot, yoga, and astrology- help me uncover myself. They teach me how to control my mind, how to believe in the best, and how to understand the divinity of every day. This page, my services, were born from gentle nudges: requests for yoga sessions or tarot spreads, curious friends who approached me with their astrology and manifestation questions. I appreciate their trust in me because they helped me realize I can share more and that I enjoy sharing with others in these liminal spaces. This page likely wouldn’t have been born without my friends’ trust in me. So yes, this is personal.


I have learned to love my fragments- they are a part of me and they make me who I am. The pubescent girl who needed astrology to keep track of all the people she met, and who needed it to get to know herself, I think, would be happy to see me. Tarot has welcomed me. Yoga has brought me peace. I hope that you too, are excited about how these tools might also help you uncover and empower yourself, how they might trigger the work within.